Photo and Video

Do I get all the original footage?

Yes you do, provide us with hard drive and we will give you everything we have.

Do you film in High Definition?

Yes, from 1080 to even 4K, ask about our 3D versions.

Is travel time included?

Yes, up to 30km or if have included in your package.

Do you have an assistant?

Most cases yes, depending on the event and budget.

How long does it take to get the final product?

As fast as you like or up to 3 months maximum.

Can you shoot and edit the same day?

Yes we do same day edits for any event at an extra cost

If I hire you for 10 hrs, does that mean your constantly filming everything?

No, but we capture all the events and ceremony throughout the time hired.

Do we pay for your parking?

Parking must be provided on the day of the event unless discussed.

How many photos do you take?

We shoot unlimited photos so we never miss a moment!

Do you film destination weddings?

Yes, we are equipped and experienced to travel anywhere across the globe.

Do we provide meal for your team?

It would be nice if you did, though we do need to be seated at a table.

Who owns the footage you capture?

You do! And with your permission we would like to use your images in our portfolio.

Can I be part of the editing process?

Yes we offer review sessions with you and the editor.

Can I choose my own music?

Yes, or select from our own gallery.

How many DVD copies do we receive?

Your receive 1 master copy which can easily be duplicated or we can copy them for you with custom packaging.

Who will show up to the wedding?

You will be given all contact info for your hired photographer, videogarpaher or technician. Unless an emergency has happened we always have a back up of the same caliber as the initial hired person.

Print Design

What format do you provide you images?

If sending us files, please make sure they are in high quality with minium 300 dpi and in any professional format .psd, .pdf, .jpeg or .ai

How do I send you large files?

You can send us up to 5 gigs of info to

Payments & Security

How secure is my data?

We back up all footage on separate hard drives and shoot everything on solid state drives.

Do you have a back up plan?

Our team consists of 6 people so there is always a back up plan if something goes wrong, as well we always have a back up camera too!

Are there any hidden fees?

Taxes do apply at 5% GST, other than that, unless your choosing extras or paying with credit card or paypal.

What happens if we go over time?

You can prepay for extra hours in advance and get more, or pay per hour after. Depending on date and time, we will do our best to work with you till the job is done!

Is the deposit refundable?

No, but can be used to change date based on availability.

How much do you take for deposit?

We split payment into 3 parts, 25% deposit on day of signing contract, 50% final day of the event captured then 25% on delivery of product

What are your payment options?

Cash, Check and  Email Money Transfer or Visa, Mastercard or Paypal (Fees Apply)