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At Third Eye Weddings, we understand how important your special day is. Some have planned it all their life and some have put it together last minute. Either way this special day may pass you by faster than you think. We believe that wedding videography plays an important role on your wedding day. Photography is always a key element to capturing your event, but videography truly relives those moments that pass you by in a flash.

If a picture is a worth a thousand words then our videos would make you speechless! With 100’s of precious wedding memories under our belt, we are committed to capturing candid moments in High Definition that you will want to cherish forever. We provide a variety of packages including multi-camera set ups, along with services such as live feeds, same day edit, pre-wedding trailers and custom slideshows. By packaging both the photography and video together, you will never miss a moment, but you will have saved with our bundled package rates. This also allows both video and photo teams to collaborate for a non disruptive and efficient workflow.

Camera shy? Let Third Eye loosen your nerves. We will capture moments that you wouldn’t have even noticed. With our candid and non intrusive techniques, we know how to make you and your guests feel comfortable. We make every effort to familiarize ourselves with your chosen location. We want to capture your event in the most natural setting. No big lights in your face and the utmost confidentiality for your private moments. With our experience and intuition, we have got you covered!

We treasure your memories as much as you do, that’s why we ensure to protect, backup, and keep safe, all your footage, since we understand its priceless value. By choosing Third Eye Weddings, you are selecting an efficient and extremely easy to work with team of highly professional, enthusiastic and patient individuals. The Third Eye team has the creative ability to produce timeless masterpieces you will surely want to treasure, year after year.

Celebrating 17 Years!

Our Videography Services

Make your event memorable and unique! We offer a wide range of video services, add any of these upgrades to your package and get special rates when you choose multiple options. With over 20 years of experience, you can say we have learned a thing or two. Don’t be shy, say “eye” do with Third Eye.

Same Day Edit

The level of post-production we put behind our edits are unmatched. For nearly two decades we have been mastering this art, and keeping up with technology is vital. Getting the latest footage included in your edit, will amaze your guest! The best part, you get access to it right away, and can share online!

Online Streaming

Share your big day with the world, or on a secure, invite only private network, we can keep it simple or make it elaborate. From live streaming and networking to quality production and multi camera switching. In this day and age using the web to share your special day is a smart way to bring your guests together.

Live Video Feed

Share your event LIVE on multiple screens or between various rooms. Give your guests the perfect view of the entire ceremony and make everyone feel like they have a front row seat of YOU the beautiful couple!

Projection Mapping

Make your event stand out event more, our projection mapping system allows us to map any object and project in any space. From animated wedding cakes to backdrops and digital monograms.

Drone Package

Drone Photography and Videography captures the aerial shots that you didn't know you needed. We capture sweeping footage from above to create a dramatic and incredibly unique perspective.

Meet the Couple

A pre wedding video capturing your love story. Perhaps filmed on location where the proposal took place or at the location of your first date. A candid and comfortable filmed moment to play at your reception.

Photo & Video Booth

More than just a photobooth, our system does video messaging and boomerangs. From customized backdrops to premium props, we can print on demand or share on your social media.

Music Video Edit

Just about every couple we have met has a song, whether it is a love song, a fun song or even a rock song. Allow us to create a video to your song - sing, dance, act it out or all of the above. Makes a great addition to a final wedding video too!

Extra Shooter

Sometimes for larger events or those with time constraints an additional shooter is required to capture all the angles. We have created a cohesive team that works with the same vision to keep the look of the final product seamless between shooters.

Premium Slideshows

You have a love story so share it! A slide show projecting in the background showcases your top moments. Wall or screen mounted, two screens or one, day or night, we have the system for you.

Monogram Animation

Add an elegant and unique touch to your wedding with a personalized monogram in the reception venue, behind your head table or onto the dance floor. Add your date or a special message to really stand out.

Full Feature Edit

You've seen the trailer now you want the full event from start to finish. Relive every moment...the aisle walk, the first kiss and dance, the speeches, laughter and tears of joy.

Video Hosting

At Third Eye Pro we can host your video on our secure site which gives you and your loved ones password protected access to your trailer, full feature edit or any other special cinema features you have chosen for your special day.

Raw Footage & Backup

Perhaps you want all the raw unedited footage of your special day and we are happy to provide it! We can also safely backup all of your cinematic moments in High Definition to protect its priceless value.

Dvd & Bluray

Sometimes you just need that disc in your hands and we can absolutely provide that for you. Beyond that we can also print a beautiful customized logo or image to go with your disc to make the movie experience complete!


Watch an everyday moment that takes hours to complete in one majestic sweep. Timelapse creates a compelling addition to your cinematic experience and takes your trailer or full feature edit to the next level.

Exrtreme Slowmotion

Another way to bring drama and added interest to your full feature film edit. The opposite of timelapse, slow motion allows the viewer to absorb the moment with depth and meaning. The first kiss, throwing of the bouquet! Be IN the moment.

4k Footage Upgrade

Choose to have your wedding day filmed in Ultra High Definition 4K quality for the most detailed cinematic experience, better colour handling, beautiful image depth and an overall more immersive experience and keepsake.

Audio Video Rentals

Lighting and sound play a key role in your event. Our compact system can get the word out to 50 or 500 people. From wireless mics to uplighting and stage lights, we will set up and take it down.

360 Video

Enjoy panoramic views of your event either live streamed or filmed and added to your trailer or full feature edit. Imagine capturing the energy from the center of the dance floor and reliving that experience for years to come!

Social Media

At Third Eye we can create perfectly sized content for your chosen Social Media Platforms. Be able to share your content with friends and loved ones near and far without the hassle and headache of resizing or modifying your videos.

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Let us be part of your planning, with hundreds of events captured we would love to share our experience and knowledge with you. Connect with us and Say “Eye” Do with Third Eye!

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